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Mateusz Posiadała


Rank Date Location Event Team Info
25.11 February 2017KubalonkaSprint freestyle
33.12 February 2017Kubalonka10 km classicalUKS Rawa Siedlce
11.23 March 2017JakuszyceTeam sprint classicalUKS Rawa SiedlceIII Team: P. Sobiczewski, M. Posiadała
7.26 March 2017Jakuszyce4 x 7.5 km relayUKS Rawa SiedlceII Team: P. Sobiczewski, M. Posiadała, P. Borkowski, K. Filipek
19. (34.)6 January 2018JakuszyceSprint classicalUKS Rawa Siedlce
15.8 January 2018JakuszyceTeam sprint classicalUKS Rawa SiedlceIV Team: O. Pawełko, M. Posiadała
9.24 March 2018JakuszyceTeam sprint freestyleUKS Rawa SiedlceIII Team: M. Posiadała, P. Sobiczewski
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