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Kacper Janowski


Rank Date Location Event Team Info
26.24 March 2013Kubalonka30 km classicalUKS Hubal Białystok
8.28 February 2015Jakuszyce50 km classical
22.18 March 2015KubalonkaSprint classicalUKS Hubal Białystok
25.19 March 2015Kubalonka10 km freestyleUKS Hubal Białystok
10.21 March 2015KubalonkaTeam sprint freestyleUKS Hubal BiałystokTeam: K. Małkiński, K. Janowski
13.19 March 2016JakuszyceTeam sprint classicalUKS Hubal BiałystokTeam: K. Janowski, K. Małkiński
21.20 March 2016JakuszyceSprint freestyleUKS Hubal Białystok
DNF21 March 2016Jakuszyce30 km freestyleUKS Hubal Białystok
DNF23 March 2016Jakuszyce10 km classicalUKS Hubal Białystok
18.11 February 2017KubalonkaSprint freestyle
26.12 February 2017Kubalonka10 km classicalUKS Hubal Białystok
DNS24 March 2017Jakuszyce30 km freestyleUKS Hubal Białystok
8.24 March 2018JakuszyceTeam sprint freestyleUKS Hubal BiałystokTeam: K. Janowski, K. Małkiński
38. (59.)2 February 2020Zakopane15 km classicalUKS Hubal BiałystokNot included in the classification of the Slavic Cup contest
45.23 January 2021Zakopane10 km freestyleUKS Hubal Białystok
DNS24 January 2021Zakopane15 km classicalUKS Hubal Białystok
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