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Joanna Rysula


Rank Date Location Event Team Info
16.21 March 2013KubalonkaSprint classicalUKS Regle Kościelisko
15.22 March 2013Kubalonka5 km freestyleUKS Regle Kościelisko
7.25 March 2013KubalonkaTeam sprint freestyleUKS Regle KościeliskoTeam: M. Kozielska, J. Rysula
9.18 March 2015KubalonkaSprint classicalUKS Regle Kościelisko
9.19 March 2015Kubalonka5 km freestyleUKS Regle Kościelisko
4.21 March 2015KubalonkaTeam sprint freestyleUKS Regle KościeliskoTeam: J. Rysula, E. Nawara
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